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Welcome to Tech Corp International Strategist (TCIS, India), YOUR ONE STOP STRATEGIST for guiding YOU the process of protecting and identifying INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS (IPRs) in YOUR Business Verticals. Learn How to Patent a Business Idea Innovation in India and Worldwide. In the technology 4 Era Big Data is the new mining oil. Big Data Analysis with a view to solve massive problems and alleviating poverty and to increase GDP can be asset to the country. Big Data is being seen as the solution to current massive problems

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Executing Intelligent Business Idea is the need of the hour. Funding ecosystem is prevalent in India. However identifying important patent, brands, copyrights, trade secrets and technical know hows of the founders is the need of the hour. Knowing about How to Patent a Business Idea in India and globally can increase your company evaluations. Answering WHAT, WHY, WHEN & How to Patent a Business Idea provides the Startups with the holistic view of doing innovative business globally.

Patents give the power to the innovator to protect their ideas. First, file a provisional patent innovation document in HOME Country. It is advisable to discuss the patent strategy & How to Patent a Business Idea with expert Patent Attorney or Patent Agent. Our team of Patent wizard geeks are there to assist you through the process of patenting your innovation.

Whether YOU are a grassroots level innovator or have a brilliant idea for a groundbreaking business #thinkinggeeks are there to assist YOU. Prity is International Blockchain Bigdata Lawyer working in hi-technology based on blockchain platform. From time to time Prity has be invited as VIP Guest Speaker at International forums and recently she was invited by China government to be part of Big Data Expo 2018, 2019.

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Innovation patent filing in India

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Innovation patent filing in India product services by a team of innovative #thinkinggeeks at Tech Corp International Strategist, (TCIS) India.

“Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.” –Tom Freston


Innovation ecosystem in India is still in nascent stage. Tech Corp International Strategist, (TCIS) India facilitate the process of getting a patent in India. YOU will find answers to your queries related to on How to get patent on idea? Right from Ideation stage to patent an innovation is a task for any business entity.

Get a patent for your business Idea in India and Globally. Ideation, & Innovation are BUZZ WORDS in INDIA. India is still a long way to understand the essence of these WORDS.

We as a team of patent strategists who are long established and leading experts in helping individuals to discover whether their new product ideas and inventions have value and could lead to commercial success. Tech Corp International Strategist, (TCIS) India provide innovation Patent Filing in India services by best expert patent lawyers. Startup Blockchain Strategy for Fintech financial ideas. 360 Eagle view for ideas.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” –Steve Jobs

We provide a complete holistic intellectual property services, Innovation patent filing in India for innovative startups from patent search, protecting/patenting a product, through design and prototyping, to advice on patent marketing and patent licensing.

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Patenting a Business concept 

Patenting a business concept & protecting innovation in India by patent filing before the Indian government authority. The Indian government authority for patent filing is known as Indian Patent Office. Business concept can be defined as an idea for a business that has a business plan in place. The business plan document includes the details related to service or product, the target demographic market, and a unique selling proposition (USP) that gives a company an advantage over competitors. Doing SWOT analysis at this point of time is advantageous in many ways.
A business concept may involve a new product or simply a novel approach to marketing or delivering an existing product.

Patenting a business concept

International patenting services by experienced team of patent attorneys.
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Everything YOU need to Know about Software Patenting in India

Patenting Path to Glory in Industry 4.0 #IoTtrends #Internetofthings IoT aka Internet of Things Patent Landscape- How to Get a Patent in India for Software, Mobile Applications and Computer Related Inventions. Software patenting in India is real skillset. The first thought that comes to creative intellectual mind in Industry 4 Era is what is  Internet …

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