Brand Marketing Business for Startup Founders in Entrepreneurship in 2018

Explosive Growth Brand Marketing tips for Startup Founders in Entrepreneurship #BeBrandYOU

Entrepreneurship is a Journey of Infinite Miles-Prity Khastgir

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in & be what people are interested in.” – Craig Davis

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Are You a deep thinker?

Have you tested the water?

Why social relevance is key for businesses when engaging consumers?

Why emotional connect important for your brand to flourish and make a lasting impression on mind?

Startup Founders need to understand relevance of brand and BrandStory for customer acquisition. Startup Founder must have the capacity to think and ask questions of whether they are using the available tools for marketing their brand.

Businesses are of two types: Product based and service based.

2018 is going to witness the holistic approach of combining both under one BIG umbrella.

Embrace the change, LEARN Quickly and Implement the same.

Generating intellectual property rights would be necessary for the businesses to survive. Time and Trend is changing. Venture debt can by raised if YOUR business owns some kind of intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, design and copyright protection). Intellectual property litigation is going to be sexy. One of the biggest challenges all brands face is how to stay at the top of consumers’ minds as their tastes and liking will continue to evolve.

Be open to change and adapt quickly

Major changes to your startup company logo or tagline are easier said than done, especially if previous iterations have led to success. However, as your company grows, so do your vision and brand. While rebranding may seem like a monumental task, it can also provide a growth opportunity for the health of the company.

Drive brand relevance and conversation.

Sometimes bizarre exchange or pattern in life can be game changing and is able to solve the customer acquisition strategy PUZZLE for YOUR Brand Business and Entrepreneurship Journey.

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WHAT was your customer acquisition strategy?

Share YOURstory in the comment box below 


Let’s share our experience to learn and analyse what works for YOU #BeBrandYOU 🙂

Brand Strategy for Startup Entrepreneurs in 2018 * Branding Startup Identity

Brand Strategy is integral part of any business model. Getting to KNOW WHAT needs to be done & affirmation is very important for #BeBrandYOU. One has to address diversity, education access, talent pipelines, and the skills gap in a scalable manner such that it can produce better ecosystem to be intelligent enough to #makeithappen

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Brand Strategy matters in being WHAT YOU want to do and ACHIEVE. One has to get it right which is fundamental to business success.

How to develop effective good brand strategy? 

Taking baby steps to learn WHAT worked for YOU and well implemented code of principles will determine a startup business future success or failure.


YOUR story of success might not be someone else STORY. Write YOUR own story YOUR way to #makeithappen.

If you the past some strategic decisions, big and small, were not thought properly, poorly organized and consequently did not provide the results expected. The the whole process of strategic decision-making can make or break YOUR GOAL PLANS.

HAVING A ZEAL & VISION is one aspect of the pie. Brand positioning backed by consumer insight and forecasting the #bigdata to angels and VCs is another ball game altogether.

Proper resource allocation right from the implementation, innovation and filing intellectual property rights which will cover #venturedebt is the need of the hour.

Acquisition strategy is about understanding where you are now, where you are heading and how you will get there. There is no room for FOMO or confusion in going with your intuitive power to achieve your goals.

REMEMBER Everyone is involved in strategy 

Getting it right involves difficult choices. What is right for YOU, might not be applicable to someone else.

EVOLVE with time and changing demands.


Answer the following questions in the comment box to overcome the FOMO of #BeBrandYOU

Which customers to target ?

What products / services to offer ?

How to monetise the business model ?

Best tested way to keep costs low and service high ?

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