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Brand Strategy is integral part of any business model. Getting to KNOW WHAT needs to be done & affirmation is very important for #BeBrandYOU. One has to address diversity, education access, talent pipelines, and the skills gap in a scalable manner such that it can produce better ecosystem to be intelligent enough to #makeithappen

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Brand Strategy matters in being WHAT YOU want to do and ACHIEVE. One has to get it right which is fundamental to business success.

How to develop effective good brand strategy? 

Taking baby steps to learn WHAT worked for YOU and well implemented code of principles will determine a startup business future success or failure.


YOUR story of success might not be someone else STORY. Write YOUR own story YOUR way to #makeithappen.

If you the past some strategic decisions, big and small, were not thought properly, poorly organized and consequently did not provide the results expected. The the whole process of strategic decision-making can make or break YOUR GOAL PLANS.

HAVING A ZEAL & VISION is one aspect of the pie. Brand positioning backed by consumer insight and forecasting the #bigdata to angels and VCs is another ball game altogether.

Proper resource allocation right from the implementation, innovation and filing intellectual property rights which will cover #venturedebt is the need of the hour.

Acquisition strategy is about understanding where you are now, where you are heading and how you will get there. There is no room for FOMO or confusion in going with your intuitive power to achieve your goals.

REMEMBER Everyone is involved in strategy 

Getting it right involves difficult choices. What is right for YOU, might not be applicable to someone else.

EVOLVE with time and changing demands.


Answer the following questions in the comment box to overcome the FOMO of #BeBrandYOU

Which customers to target ?

What products / services to offer ?

How to monetise the business model ?

Best tested way to keep costs low and service high ?

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Prity Khastgir is a techno-savvy patent attorney in India with 12 yrs++ of experience working with clients across the globe. Her areas of expertise are IP portfolio research, cross-border technology transactions, licensing agreements, product clearance, freedom-to-operate, trademark strategy and opinion, trademark litigation in India, trademark litigation before high court, patent infringement & invalidity analysis, research & opinions. Currently, she helps startups to raise funds, assists foreign companies to find right business partners in India. She also assists enterprises to enter and find the right angels, and VCs in Malaysia, Singapore, US, UK, Japan and India.


India Wellness Industry on a BOOM to Target 1.3 Billion Population : 2018 Trends

Technology Innovation Trends in Indian Wellness Industry

Lately, there is an escalation in the number of medical cases due to an unhealthy lifestyle, absence of physical workouts, and non-conventional food habits. This makes the Indian wellness industry, a very big prospect in terms of revenue and target market. India has an unmatched heritage represented by its ancient systems of medicine.

We at TCIS are determined to provide patent technology strategic advice in Indian wellness industry. Team of skilled patent professionals with innovative track record in Health Insurance, & IT industry.

According to an India wellness report published in December 2016 by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry(FICCI) in association with consulting firm EY, predicted double industry-wide growth for the rest of the decade, with gyms and fitness centres set to see expansion of 18 percent.

Indian systems of medicine and homoeopathy particularly Ayurveda and Yoga are widely recognised for their comprehensive approach to health and are effective in both prevention as well as curation of a disease.

Indian Wellness Industry, Indian Wellness patent attorney

Understanding What is What and When to implement the What to know the results beforehand is called #intuition. You evolve when You work in #intellectualproperty #intelligent #intelligenceissexy #inspiration#happy#hinduism #godigital #industrialdesign #lawyer#attorney#askpatentexpert #alberteinstein #invention

According to Bhagavad Gita forty-first verse of the second Chapter:

vyavasaayaatmikaa buddhirekeha kurunandana

Bahushaakhaa hyanantaashcha budhyovyavasaayinaam


O descendent of the Kurus, spiritual intelligence is one pointed and exclusive. However, the intelligence of those that desire mundane enjoyment is many branched. There are two kinds of mind, one scattered and the other one gathered.

In the yoga teaching we speak of the gathered state, which means we have to gather all energy and channelize in the right direction.

India is the second largest exporter of Ayurvedic and alternative medicine in the world with the wellness market of worth INR 490 Billion.

The demand for Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) and herbal products is surging in India and abroad. India has 6200 indigenous herbal plants and its vast reservoir of natural flora, fauna, ancient texts and knowledge have made it an authority in the field of AYUSH.

The country’s vast AYUSH infrastructure comprises of 736,538 registered practitioners, 26,107 dispensaries and 3167 hospitals in public sector, 501 undergraduate colleges with annual intake of 28,018 students, 151 centres for postgraduate[ education with annual admission of 3504 scholars and 8896 licensed drug manufacturing units.

The Government of India has set up a dedicated Department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) with the aim of providing stimulus to the ancient healthcare system. The Indian system of Ayurvedic medicine and homoeopathy continue to be widely used.

The recent innovative patents filed in the wellness industry are

1). WO/2015/130786


Patent Assignee: DELOS LIVING LLC

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Delos Living, LLC acts as a catalyst to provide health centric real estate development services in the United States. Its innovative platform includes integrative wellness design and programming, research, consulting, and solutions for the built environment, which include creating spaces that nurture and promote human health and well-being. The company develops Wellness Real Estate solutions, which merge medicine and science with design and construction to reinvent the role of the built environment on health; WELL Building Standard, a building standard focused on human health and wellness; and Stay Well, a program for the hospitality industry that enhances the indoor environment to provide guests with a healthier travel experience.

Patent Publication Date: 20 Jan 2017

Patent Abstract:

Environmental characteristics of habitable environments (e.g. hotel or motel rooms spas resorts cruise boat cabins offices hospitals and/or homes apartments or residences) are controlled to eliminate reduce or ameliorate adverse or harmful aspects and introduce increase or enhance beneficial aspects in order to improve a “wellness” or sense of “wellbeing” provided via the environments. Control of intensity and wavelength distribution of passive and active Illumination addresses various issues symptoms or syndromes for instance to maintain a circadian rhythm or cycle adjust for “jet lag” or season affective disorder etc.. Air quality and attributes are controlled. Scent(s) may be dispersed. Noise is reduced and sounds (e.g. masking music natural) may be provided. Environmental and biometric feedback is provided. Experimentation and machine learning are used to improve health outcomes and wellness standards.

We all know heath is wealth and a healthy body is able to use all the human senses. The above mentioned wellness patent is based on machine learning algorithms which are used to improve health outcomes and wellness standards

2). 201711021610


Assignee: eExpedise Technologies Private Limited

eExpedise Technologies is India’s preferred Healthcare IT Company offering development, support & maintenance services to domestic and international clients. Technologies is led by a team of skilled professionals and experienced management with a proven track record in Health Insurance & IT industry. The idea for these domain experts to come together was to provide a new set of Health & Health Insurance related systems and related services to assist organizations in planning and managing solution costs, enhance customer experience and meet operational excellence. Our customer offering and services are designed based on inputs from large companies and their challenges in this area.

Publication Date: 4 Aug 2017


The present invention provides an integrated system to expedite the risk assessment process at the time of issuance of policy, and determine the premium based on several preventive care initiatives of individuals at the time of issuing health insurance policy, wherein the system identifies list of options for services, provides a score, makes a decision on issuance of policy, calculates the premium amount and relays the information to a user or proposer. Further, the system provides services selected from the group consisting of details of service provider, underwriting, claim adjudication, suspicious profile management, wellness advisory, predictive analysis, cost of the service based on health records and the user selects at least one option from provided list of options.

3). 201727033542



Publication Date: 10 Nov 2017


Carotenoid compositions are described for management treatment and/or prevention of stress by reducing cortisol levels and/or improving distribution and/or density of macular pigment and thus improving overall health status. More particularly a subject in need thereof for the method has disturbed macular pigment optical density or increased levels of cortisol as markers of psychological and physiological stress. Methods are also described of administering macular carotenoid compositions in daily doses of at least or about 0.005mg/kg body weight of lutein and at least or about 0.001mg/kg body weight of meso zeaxanthin and zeaxanthin isomer along with at least one food grade excipient and evaluating overall health status. The composition may be derived from plant extract containing xanthophylls and/or xanthophylls esters. The composition also reduces cortisol levels in the blood and relieves physiological stress thus improving overall health status of a subject in need thereof.

4). 201747033855



Publication Date: 6 Oct 2017


Systems devices methods for providing a speech pattern as a metric of well being system for remotely monitoring the wellbeing of a patient are disclosed. In one exemplary embodiment a system can include at least one wearable device that is configured to collect body sensor data and speech pattern data associated with a patient wearing the device and analyze the data to determine if the patient’s emotional well being is compromised. In some exemplary embodiments the wearable device can be configured to send an alert to at least one caregiver device that indicates the patient’s emotional well being is compromised. The wearable device can also be configured to send recommendations on courses of action to alleviate the condition.

5). 201727025770



Publication Date: 29 Sept 2017


The disclosure generally relates to behavioral analysis to automate monitoring Internet of Things (IoT) device health in a direct and/or indirect manner. In particular normal behavior associated with an IoT device in a local IoT network may be modeled such that behaviors observed at the IoT device may be compared to the modeled normal behavior to determine whether the behaviors observed at the IoT device are normal or anomalous. Accordingly in a distributed IoT environment more powerful “analyzer” devices can collect behaviors locally observed at other (e.g. simpler) “observer” devices and conduct behavioral analysis across the distributed IoT environment to detect anomalies potentially indicating malicious attacks malfunctions or other issues that require customer service and/or further attention. Furthermore devices with sufficient capabilities may conduct (local) on device behavioral analysis to detect anomalous conditions without sending locally observed behaviors to another aggregator device and/or analyzer device.

6). 201717026255


Assignee: TE3 OY

Publication Date: 17 Nov 2017


The invention relates to a device (100) for performing exercises comprising a housing (105) a deviation sensor (140) for detecting a deviation of said housing (105) from an equilibrium and a control unit (110) coupled to said deviation sensor (140) arranged to count deviations from the equilibrium.

7). 201717031179


Assignee: RATH Matthias W.

Publication Date: 24 Nov 2017


A method and technology to display 3D graphical output for a user using body sensor data personal medical data in real time is disclosed. A consolidated methodology to bring user meaningful life information based on real time sensor results analysis expert Q&As “What if scenarios and future emulation all in one artificial intelligence expert system is described. A unique rendering of 3D image of ones organ cell or subcellular level display related to one’s health condition can be visualized on a graphical user interface of a devices or devices. The change of the display from one level such as from organ to cell or cell to subcellular level or vice versa is enabled is disclosed.

Prity is CREATIVE Problem Solver for Every Business. Business is simple WHY complicate it. However, you have to be passionate about doing Business. She has been instrumental in prosecuting domestic and international patent applications for numerous clients from a variety of industries, including consumer electronics, data storage systems, medical devices, and software applications.

Prity herself is a wellness enthusiast and trained in Mixed Martial Arts. She Believes one should consider the body as temple and nurture it with discipline.

Her Practice also includes litigating patent infringement matters, drafting patent opinions, and patent portfolio analysis. Applied Science engineering background and a practice that spans a broad array of verticals and technologies, including electronics, software applications, computer hardware, signal processing, servo mechanical systems, and radar systems.

Prity Khastgir is a techno-savvy patent attorney in India with 12 yrs of experience working with clients across the globe. Her areas of expertise are IP portfolio research, cross-border technology transactions, licensing agreements, product clearance, freedom-to-operate, patent infringement & invalidity analysis, research & opinions. Currently, she helps startups to raise funds, assists foreign companies to find right business partners in India. She also assists enterprises to enter and find the right angels, and VCs in Malaysia, Singapore, US, UK, Japan and India.

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