Why Filing Patent for YOUR technology is a Good Bet !!

Why Filing Patent for YOUR technology is a good bet to raise initial traction in Industry 4 Era

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Remember YOUR target customers pay a premium for WHAT they see.

One has to understand #WYSIWYG

” What YOU See is WHAT YOU Get” Concept

Using that “PATENT PENDING” tag intrigues human mind to next level 🙂

We at TCIS facilitate and take your business journey to next level of thinking to be the next Unicorn. 

TCIS is able to understand the true essence of WHAT problem your technology plans to solve. In the due course, TCIS identify important features of your technology idea which can be patent worthy in true sense. Our Motto is to build your tangible assets by filing patent applications with STRONG set of patent claims.

Alleviate and redefining EVERYTHING in Innovative ways is our mission by creating an intellectual property portfolio of brands, patents, design, trade secrets and copyrights.

We’re passionate #thinkinggeeks and happy to generate next big UNICORN business. We welcome your queries to build stuff that nobody has solved till date in true sense.

Innovation & Big data are the BUZZ words in the Internet era without even knowing what it actually means. Innovation comes when YOU go through the dilemma HOW to resolve that particular problem. It takes lot of courage to breathe life and hard work to get that BIG new idea to impact the human lives.

But there’s a common belief that entrepreneurs are born, not made. This sentence is true and false depending upon the situation and time. Can Entrepreneurship be taught? The journey starts with the intent to seek knowledge. Have a disciplined mindset to be successful entrepreneur. Patent for YOUR technology can provide you the traction in raising seed funds.

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How do you evaluate your brand called YOU

patenting a business concept, How do you evaluate your brand called YOU, brand strategist

How do you evaluate your #brand called YOU?

How do you evaluate your brand called YOU: The name is the hook that hangs the brand on the product ladder in the prospect’s or #CUSTOMER mind. It is always #USER or #Customer on the mind of the #business #startup owner. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You. The Brand Called You is the #future of business. The best way an entrepreneur can succeed resides in YOUR own #BRANDING. #OpenInnovation #Revolution #branding #iphonesia #design #brandYOU

Strategic brand YOU International Business Advisor for Startups : How do you evaluate your brand called YOU

FIVE  Steps to empowering the brand you

  1. Identify YOUR USP?
  2. Evaluate YOURSelf People who lose their relevance get stuck in the past because they’re no longer in the present moment. Marc Benioff, Founder of Salesforce
  3. Brand YOU Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your Business Card
  4. Brand YOU Your brand is YOU –



Head (Neurons)

Bring YOUR Best Self What makes you leap out of bed in the morning, makes you want to dig deep and deliver?

What are your talents?

What areas just don’t grab you?

Where are you weak?