Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights sponsored by DBT , India

Be a Technology Maverick to understand IPRs

Going back memory lane is always special. We discussed about silver lining difference between discovery and innovation. Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights sponsored by DBT was an enriching experience to share with budding Botany students from University of Delhi as to how IPRs can be harnessed in time to come.

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IPR link: Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights sponsored by Department of Biotechnologyy

What I believe in recent years is simple MANTRA

“Learning curve is non-linear curve”.

About the Intellectual Property Rights Workshop

 The creativity and innovations in science and technology are the major drivers for the socioeconomic growth of developed and developing countries in this 21st century.  To get intellectual rights for such new inventions, techniques, models, plant varieties, chemical compounds, drugs and etc. and selling these rights to other countries/company/organizations could elevate the economic status of the nation.

 The major aim of this workshop is to create an awareness among young minds about the basic concepts of IPR, Patents, Copyrights, Trademark, protection of plant varieties/traditional knowledge and their claims.

 Also aims at establishing a basic level of understanding about the laws, rules and regulations related to IPR.

Organized by PHYTOMICS-THE BOTANICAL SOCIETY Department of Botany Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences (University of Delhi) Sector-2, Dwarka, New Delhi 110 075 (Accredited ‘A’ Grade by NAAC)

Who can attend the Intellectual Property Rights Workshop?

Undergraduate and postgraduate students, Research Scholars, Scientists, Post Docs, Faculties and entrepreneurs

Understanding science with hawk eye legal approach is new skill set which needs to be instilled at academia level. For conducting more such workshops get in touch to know more as to how we can facilitate the IPR training at your institution.

About the speakers

Dr. Arun Kumar Maurya, Ph.D., is an author of a great book titled Basic Intellectual Property Rights Law Concept and Cases (ISBN: 978-93-83281-15-9). He completed his M.Sc. and M.Phil. from University of Delhi and Ph.D. in Botany from C.C.S. University, Meerut. He holds a degree in Law and Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Right Law, and Environmental Law course from National Law, University of India (NLUI), Bangalore, India. He has published several scientific research articles, chapters in books and books. Presently he is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Botany, Multanimal Modi PG College, Ghaziabad. India. He is constantly giving motivation and /or awareness to young students about the laws, rules and regulations related to intellectual property rights through his thought provoking lectures at various seminars, workshops and conferences in Colleges/Universities across India.

Ms. Prity Khastgir is a founder and CEO of the Tech Corp International Strategist (TCIS) India. She completed her post graduation in Biotechnology and LLB from University of Rajasthan. She also completed an entrepreneurship course from Indian School of Business (ISB). She is an International Telecommunication Union (ITU) expert. She is a certified mediator for commercial dispute and negotiator in India. She published her work in BBC world, Nature groups, Business world and BioSpectrum Asia. She had a work experience with US law firm in New York. She is expertise in the areas of IP portfolio research,cross-border technology transactions, licensing agreements, product clearance, freedom-to-operate, patent infringement & invalidity analysis, research & opinions.

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How to Gain Access in Fintech Sector?

Fintech Innovative, Innovation Strategy

Innovation in Fintech Sector #PatentAttorneyIndia

Fintech Patent Attorney Assisting Global Clients to Develop New “Out of the Box” Strategies

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Filing Patents to gain access in the fintech sector is a good strategic move. Walmart and other important business entities just file patents with two viewpoints. One viewpoint is very obvious to create a playing field for all other players in the market.

Other not so discussed pointer is defensive publication of the technology so the publication itself becomes prior art and no other patent applicant is able to bag the coveted prize of owning a patent.

Do DJs have to pay royalties

Defensive publication of the technology so the publication itself becomes prior art

Sustainability of any technology is the need of the hour and reaching masses to develop win-win approach is the only way out to understand technologies around financial sector. The emerging digital technologies is not limited to 5G, AI, IoT, cloud computing, Bigdata and blockchain to enable mass consumption and envisage the big picture for the 5 trillion economy of India.

History is the Biggest Saviour and Governments Across Know that Innovation and IPR will attract more investment to generate job opportunities for the masses. Data is crucial and Big data is the new mining oil to harness creative content for the masses to imbibe.

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